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React is on open-source JavaScript framework for building web & mobile user interfaces. React is great for building large data-driven single page application. It’s main goal is to fast, simple and scalable. According to the latest Stack Overflow Survey, React is in the top ten for developer saleries and it’s one of the fastest growing technology in web development. Starting with React might not be easy at first. With the right online course you’ll get the needed guidance to make progress quickly. Being able to follow practical examples makes it easy to understand this new technology and helps to put your new knowledge into practice.

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  • What is it good for 
  • ES2015 and JSX
  • What is JSX
  • ES2015 features which impact React

Devstack setup

  • Using Babel for ES2015 and JSX
  • Using WebPack with React Development


Basic principles



React – Creating Components

  • Rendering
  • Stateless Functions
  • Passing Props

 Component Life-Cycle

        * Handling Events

 Working with State

  • Initializing State
  • Updating State
  • Working with Forms
  • Props vs. State

 React – Composing Components

  • Sibling Components and Keys
  • Parent and Child Components

Conditional rendering


Advanced concepts



        * Using type checking

        * High Order Components

        * Referencing DOM Elements

* Functions F. Server Rendering

  • Immutable Programming & Immutable.js


Testing React



  • Jest & Jasmine
  • Enzyme
  • TestUtils


Unit Testing React

  • Testing DOM Manipulations
  • Testing Properties and State
  • Simulating Events
  • Shallow Rendering



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